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Essays: Variety of essays can be written on any of the topic which is actually the compiled information on a specific subject which may vary in length and the amount of information included in it.

Term Papers: Term papers are based on data on a subject which are lengthy and require more information which needs to be included in term papers. This also requires detailed research sources and special type of language is used.

Research Papers: Academic writing includes theoretical information and thorough research is required to complete it which includes equations and formulas provided with a thorough evidence of professors.

Coursework: It is a project which needs to be finished during term and are less lengthy and detailed because they include information related to the sub sections of the topic. It comprises of Q&A;, equations, formulas and short writing.

Dissertations: Dissertations include degree in philosophy and doctorates which are based on theoretical work. It includes theoretical work based on research by the professional experts in philosophy.

Thesis: The theses statement is based on logic and data and it is written during post secondary institute like college and grad schools. This is requirement to pass high school and become graduate. Thesis is quite longer than essays and includes diagrams and charts which may support thesis statement.

Book Reports: They are short essays and presentations which are based on reading and comprehensions of a novel or a book. This comprises of a summary of structure, information about the author and anything which is relevant to it and it is objective in nature.

Book Reviews: They are bit opinion-based than book reports but they contain same structure, plot, genre and character development like book report. They are detailed and are meant to be dissection of a book which is used to test comprehension of its important aspects and your ability to notice symbolism.

Research Proposals: Research proposals are specific in information and they are written by students in science and medical fields. Well-written proposal tells us what the research will attempt and how much it will cost to fund it. It requires a date and it will intend to find and analyze end data results.

PowerPoint Presentation: They are basically short and data in slideshows presentations is arranged in streamlined manner. It is good for meetings and school projects which makes data easily digestible and give visual representation of the data.

Formatting: It is the arrangement of writing and data which is based on certain outline which should be followed. It is done in the end of the project and used as an instrument to make it polished and presentable. It utilizes the tiny details which are available in Microsoft processor.

Editing: It involves re-arrangement of words, addition and subtraction of words along with the proofreading which gives it proper flow.

Proofreading: It involves checking the word document for grammatical errors, formatting and syntax along with incorrect use of words and spellings. Proofreading needs to be done before submitting work to your instructor to avoid any kind of mistake.

Personal statement: If you have any problems with writing personal statement on your own, choose our professional UK writers to meet all your writing needs. We are here to help you write the best personal statement.

Rewriting: It is the re-working of original piece of work which allows it to be submitted again without laws of copyright. Re-write basically follow the original work and has the same length. Paragraphs have the same ideas of work as in original.

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